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Adopt one of these


You fell in love with one of our elephants ?
You want to
contribute to our project ? 
You wish to
have a special link with one of these giants ? 

Then this program is meant for you ! Adopt an elephant to help us with his daily happy life and special treats ! 

You will not only feel like you contribute to his new life, but you will also help our project grow and save more elephants ! 


Come and join your special elephant family !

What does it mean to adopt an elephant ? 

Contribute to daily expenses and special treats


Feed all 3 elephants for 1 day

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Help us overcome some difficulties your elephant could have (like needs for medicine)

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Get regular news from your elephant

Meet and share with other Adopters, your special elephant family ! 


Each elephant costs 51,000 Thb by month !

Owing to the travel bans put in place to stop the spread of Covid-19, Following Giants has closed, and income from tourism is running out. 

We use our land for saving elephants, but we also need your help !


How to 


my favorite giant ?

Every month, contribute to elephant expenses, by the amount of your choice !

Give your first donation right here below through Paypal link ! Do not forget to mention which giant you wish to Adopt ;) Then, you can schedule automatic transfers each month !


Get your Adopter certificate and access to the WhatsApp group of your special elephant family of adopters :)

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โชคมีชื่อเต็มว่า "สมโชค" ซึ่ง

and enter the Code : 



I let this small moon shine into my life !

and enter the Code : 


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